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Day Trading Training for Poker Players

If you are a successful poker player and want to enter the commerce industry, there is a great chance that you will succeed in the field of commerce. The poker game and the trading day have similar characteristics and these same characteristics are excellent qualities of a good trader. Many of you may not believe it, but many successful day traders are good poker players or started playing poker before the start of the day. It’s because poker is like a free-time workout, if you think about it more.

These are some of the similar attributes of poker games and daily transactions:

Patience: poker players are extremely patient and all are willing to spend many hours at the poker table. The poker players keep their good cards, waiting strategically and choosing between them through daftar poker, and wait for the right moment to attack. It’s exactly like online commerce for merchants. The day operator needs to sit for hours and observe or monitor good operations to obtain good results in the commercial market.

Ability to process a lot of information: in day trading, you should pay attention to tons of information. There are times when you need to enter and exit the securities and securities markets just to know how the stock market works. There is a training program on daily transactions that can be done to make things easier for you. In daftar poker, players sometimes do irrational tactics only to discover how their opponent behaves and how the game plays.

Educate yourself: there are many traders who are willing to pay for a reliable business education. In fact, expert traders strongly advise beginners to resort to the stock market training of the day for their own benefit. There may be no formal education to play poker; however, many players tend to spend a lot of money in casinos to learn a lot about the game and also to gain experience.

Good money management: we all know that poker players know how to manage their money properly. They bet accordingly and make wise decisions when it comes to gambling. This is an important attribute for day traders to know where to put their money. This makes the players to enjoy at

Tolerance for defeat: it is inevitable that you do not always win and, sometimes, you lose. The great thing you will learn from being a poker player is that you can tolerate loss and defeat and just make up for it next time. Online commerce offers the same scenario. You cannot win all the time. You have no control over the result. The only thing you can control is your reaction to the situation.


Things to Know About Ceme for Beginners

Ceme is essentially like a 99-domino game – the key difference is in ceme, it is only played with two cards. It is time to learn it so you will understand the reason why it became a popular Indonesian game. In this game, 28 domino cards are used, which will show a different number of round dots or spheres.

Here are the things to know about domino ceme for beginners:

You will hear players losing or failing but it is part of the game. You need to push through if you want to become a good player. You can master ceme at the same time earn money. To that end, you have to know the gameplay.

In ceme, two to eight players can participate but there should be one player that will act as a dealer. Keep in mind that without a dealer, the game cannot be played. The players have opportunities to get 2 cards. As soon as you receive the card, you can take a peak to determine its strength.

After some time, you need to show your card to everyone. The player with the highest point will be announced the winner. The twist in this game is the calculation of the hand strength.

Hand strength
As a beginner, you have to be familiar with hand strength or card strength. This is important so you will know what to expect. Basically, each domino card is understandable. You need to add the dots on both of the cards so you can get the total value.

The value of the hand strength is between 0 (which is considered the weakest) and 9 (which is the strongest). As mentioned earlier, there is a twist. If your total value is more than 9, the existing value is deducted from 10. If your total value is more than 19, the existing value is deducted from 20.

The winner will be determined based on the following condition:
• If your value is more than the dealer: if you have a total value of 7 but the dealer has

4, you are the winner. The banker needs to immediately pay the bet amount.
• If dealer value is more than yours: if the dealer has a total value of 7 but you have 4, the dealer is the winner. This means that you lose the bet amount to the banker.
• If there is draw the banker wins: in case of a draw, the banker will be declared the winner. This happens when you and the dealer got a total value of 9.
• If you hold a total value of 9: if you hold a total card value of 9 and the dealer has less, it is imperative that the dealer pays you to double your wagered amount.
• If the dealer holds a total value of 9: if the dealer holds a total value of 9 and you have less, it means that you lose the bet amount. The dealer will be declared the winner.

If you want to play conveniently, you can always consider domino ceme online. The game will surely challenge your mental state but with practice and the right inclination, you will surely win.


Are Poker Agents Reliable In Helping A Poker Player Earn More?

Many poker players are having much fun time when playing. They feel how the momentum of being a big winner in a big poker event. People should know that winning a poker game is something like an achievement. With many people aiming to become a professional poker player, there are only a few who have achieved it. The reason why this happened, a poker game is not their passion, so they might be lack of interest to master the game. It is important to take note that having no interest in the game brings anyone not to achieve its aim. But, there are a few who have no interest in a poker game but pay attention to master the game after hearing its profiting fact. In the end, these people become advanced players, why? Just like being said, if anyone spends the time to concentrate the game, then it can be mastered. On the other hand, profiting poker players are earning double, from the poker game they win and from the works of a poker agent.

Poker Player Earn More

The role of a poker agent

What is the poker agent’s role? The agen poker online is a friend of an online poker player. This is a professional agent that handles player tracking, session logging, calculate the odds and hand recording. Some of the people around think that poker agents are pointless, they are invaluable. But, this is wrong thinking if you only have a limited mind. If someone is open-minded, a poker agent is valuable. It greatly helps poker players playing on the game and winning the odds. In fact, these agents are very much professional when it comes to their services. Actually, there is a poker playing agent, lucky them. But, for those who are only poker players and not agents, then they must need professional poker agents services.

Poker agents services

Poker players need poker agents services, why? Let us make it straight to the point, these agents are like managers. They can manage a poker player’s future life in the business sector. They can look for good sponsorships and marketing deals for the player, how? A poker agent can look for a business to make a deal for the player to promote a particular product or service. A poker player celebrity has a big chance to earn more. A lot of businesses can make a deal with these poker celebrities, they both profit together with the agent.


Plenty of games with a single tap


There is no such a game that is not available on the best betting platform, the online gambling games that are crafted by this betting platform agen poker online of the ones which can come with the maximum quality in them and can become the best for the player, there are also a number of new innovations that are brought about in these games which can make them totally an exciting one for the players such excitement can be also increased with more number of promotions that are also introduced into the games, these promotions can be readily accessible by both the registered members as well as new members, which can make this gambling platform really a fun for the players, there is also a lot of fun with the new amount of remains that can be shown with this platform, thus making them accessible to anyone and anywhere

agen poker online

Getting the games with any device

There are very easy processes that can help one register as well as install bets. These can be the best which can be a pleasing deal for the online gambling lovers. These games can also be always accessible with the help of the Android or iOS users. With such an idea one can never face the problem of connection. This can actually help one play in line as well as can never prove to be slow. This can also help with the idea of every flexible transaction. This can actually make the online gambling application readily to be used with the help of the smartphone. the entire process can be also helped with the online gambling agents, who can help the players to be directed to the register column as well as help with the creation of a new account. There si only a need to provide data in each column.


The games can bring the non stop thrills to the players. they are also exciting with the help of the smartphones as well as gaming laptops without any download session and can be directly played with the help of the website.